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Horse Ownership - How It Works

Overview/How It Works

Dream Thoroughbreds will commission trainers or a independent bloodstock agent as required to select, thoroughbreds at various sales throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia or the United Kingdom.

Each thoroughbred will then by on sold with up to 20 individual owners, to form a registered Dream Thoroughbreds syndicate, regulated by Racing Victoria.

Dream Thoroughbreds will act as the manager of the syndicate, maintain a separate bank account, issue invoices, and reconcile payments.

Where Dream Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd, or any other person associated with this Syndicate retains or acquires a Share in the thoroughbred that Share is a commercial investment and the appropriate fees are apportioned to them as they are to all Owners.

Each shareholder is entitled to an Owners Card issued and regulated by Racing Victoria.

Each shareholder will be issued raceday entitlements as a registered syndicate owner, but limited to any restrictions placed on the syndicate by the respective race clubs on feature racedays.

Each share can be represented by an individual or a further sub-syndicate of individuals. Only an individual or a nominated representative of a sub-syndicate can be one of the 20 named owners in each Dream Thoroughbred syndicate.

We welcome sub-syndicates, however, they need to be managed and registered as a separate syndicate with Racing Victoria Limited in their own right.


Each thoroughbred will be purchased by Dream Thoroughbreds in their own right, or by an associate commissioned by Dream Thoroughbreds.

Dream Thoroughbreds will race thoroughbreds with up to 20 individual shares.

The purchase price, GST, vetting, floating, insurance, selection fees and management fees will be charged as an initial once off up-front fee to each shareholder/owner.

Each share will be priced within an indicate price range of $3,000 - $8,000.

Monthly fees will be charged to cover administration management fees, training fees, spelling fees, vet fees, nomination and acceptance fees and other on-going requirements the thoroughbred may require.

These costs are set at between $175 - $220 per month for each twentieth share.

Raceday costs, the costs associated with taking and maintaining a horse on raceday will be deducted from prizemoney seperately, and are not included in the monthly fees.


Prizemoney is distributed to each owner, in proportion to their ownership percentage.

In all instances, the Trainer's (10%) and jockey's (5%) share of the prize-money is deducted and paid out directly by the Manager before the remainder of the earnings is distributed to the Owners.

Dream Thoroughbreds reserved the right to offset any prizemoney allocation against outstanding fees owed to Dream Thoroughbreds, or hold in trust prizemoney to fund on-going fee payments in lieu of further payments.